What is FutureStates?

Getting answers from politicians should be simple.

Instead, becoming informed requires sifting through subterfuge created by campaigns, superPACs, and other independent groups trying to influence your vote.  

The intent of Future States is not to suggest candidates or provide insights into a voter's party affiliation. Our primary goal is to provide communication tools that allow voters to more easily surface direct responses to the topics that matter most to them.

FutureStates is our first experiment toward this mission, so please be patient as we work to train and refine our bots. More usage and support results in a better experience.

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Are you planning to add more candidates? 
Yes. We will be adding contested congressional elections in advance of the 2016 election. Please contact chat@futurestatesapp.com if you have a candidate or race you would like added.

Are there not sites already providing unbiased information? 
Yes. There are a number of thorough watchdog sites like Politifact that offer non-partisan resources to voters. We don't have the funding or veracity of these organizations. We simply wanted to provide a more engaging method to explore the platforms of political candidates.

What technology was used to make this chatbot?
Blood. Sweat. Ruby. Mechanical Turk. Webflow.

I want my own chatbot. Who should I contact? 
Send a note to chat@futurestatesapp.com. We are a small team of marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs building tools for specific verticals but are open to interesting projects exploring chat interfaces, artificial intelligence, and conversational commerce.

Are the answers real? 
Yes. We've worked carefully to avoid additional bias. There is enough already in this election cycle. Answers are parsed from transcripts of speeches, videos, social media, and interviews. Note that a small percentage of the responses, such as those following use of profanity, are not from the candidates.

I noticed a bug. Where should I send it? 
Send us a note at chat@futurestatesapp.com. This is an experiment in addition to our client work, so we appreciate your help in creating a better experience.

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