Your personal political guide

Chat with candidate bots on the web or your favorite messaging app. They'll help you find information on issues that matter most.

Control your information load

FutureStates places you in control of political news. Escape the billions in advertising being spent to influence you with advertisements.

Informed voting decisions

Stay engaged with the election season through simple, fun conversations. The voting process is part of being an American!

How FutureStates works

Simply select your preferred messaging platform and start engaging directly with candidate bots. You'll get answers, receive campaign updates, and watch the latest videos from the trail.


What is FutureStates?

We believe voters should be able to easily access reliable information to the information that matters most to them personally. FutureStates used conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence to help you take control of your consumption.

You direct your attention when using FutureStates instead of the deluge of advertisements, emails, and sponsored social campaigns. Each chat with a candidate bots gives you access to insights from speeches, interviews, and videos from candidates.


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